Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello! My name is Joe! and I work in a Button Factory!! LOL!! I couldn't help myself!!

Welcome friends! I am so glad you are here!
I would be happy to help you make your blog button with text code box!
( It will work for any site that uses HTML code)

How to get started:
1. Send me an email ( with your jpg image you would like your button to be made from as an attachment and the URL (web address) you would like the button to link to. Most buttons are 150x150 (pixels) but if you need a different size let me know.  No biggy!! (I will make it the standard size if nothing is mentioned about the size) 

2. I will then invoice you through paypal and as soon as I receive cleared payment, I will get to work on your button!

3. You will receive an email back from me with the code needed to post your button.

Awh..... wasn't that easy? I thought so too!
Please note**I do not design your image. I can resize it to fit but no design is included in the $5 price. What you send me is what your button will become. Thanks!! Have a super great day!!